Understanding Modern Korea: Brit Kim

Understanding Modern Korea: managing cultural distance

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Understanding Modern Korea: Managing Cultural Distance is for Danish companies and organisations as well as private organisations.

Courses, seminars and events about Korea, Korean business culture and language courses, which are individually designed for companies, private organisations and 1 to 1.

About UMK – Understanding Modern Korea:

Brit Kim Bech teaches Korean business culture and language to Danish global companies, working with Korea and Korean global companies and representations in partnership with Danish companies and organisations.

Furthermore, Brit conducts seminars and workshops on international business training in partnership with C3Consulting ApS and CEO, Annette Dahl.

About Brit – Career & Educational Background:

The trainings and insights given by Brit is based on thorough experience within international relations and managing cultural distance. She has been building a career for many years as international business consultant at the Embassy of ROK in Denmark as an advisor for global companies e.g. Vestas, Terma, Novozymes, ISS and Arriva and organising tech-scouting delegations and export delegations to and from Korea. And as head of communication and business developer at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Innovation Centre Denmark in Seoul, Brit has organised and trained delegations to Korea in cooperation with e.g. the Danish IT Association. Furthermore Brit has worked with Korean partners on innovation projects within ICT and social media communication as project officer at the Danish Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Brit holds a Master of Arts from Copenhagen University in visual culture and a BA in contemporary literature and Korean language and culture. In 2014, Princess Bari, she translated the first novel to be translated from Korean to Danish, which was published at Tiderne Skifter.

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